Localization management platform

Simply manage your localizations for IOS

Update locaizations over the air!

With localize you don't need to recompile your app each time. Just integrate our SDK and localize will take care of everything else!

Update over the air
In-context translation

Translate what you see

With our in-context translation solution you can see what result right in the real app.

Collaborate easily

Invite your in-house translators, hire freelancers or delegate to the contractor.

Working together is more fun and productive! And gives you a clear overview of your localization project and possibility to manage translation process without hassle.

Team work
Version management

Keep translations for each app version

Localize support different app version localization. Manage production, development and staging versions of your app localizations seperatly.


Create and tag screenshots automatically

Create screenshots and automatically tag all keywords on it from your app. All keyword will be uploaded automatically with screenshots to localize. So translators would know the context of the strings.

Simple integration

Make your mobile app international without the hassle. Build once - deploy globally!

1. Register at Localize and create project

Register at Localize.io and create project.


2. Download SDK

Download SDK and integrate it to your project with provided code. Check that your project is ready for localization.

Download SDK

3. Start localizing your app!

Make a build, run it and start localizing your app with localize.io.

Start localizing your app
credit-card Platform independent

Simply manage localizations of your IOS and Android applications from one place.

dev In-context translation solution

What is translation without context? localize.io gives translators the ability to translate within the context and with the pictures of screens.

globe Don't let localization slow you down

localize.io is about syncing and distributing of different localization languages between different versions of your application and also on different platforms!

support Continuous localization

localize.io is the solution for continuous and agile localization. It offers an easy to use environment and workflow and let you integrate localization into the development process with the help of an intuitive web interface.

mail No need to recompile app to add new language

Add new language to your application without recompiling or resubmitting it to appstore or play market.

Team work Collaborate easily

Working together is more fun. Invite as many users as you wish to work on your projects: developers, product managers, translators or even your community users.

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